Horticulture Students Get a Wee Bit O’ Green

Most students in the Horticulture Program are passionate about going green—they love plants, nature, the balance and harmony among the living things they learn to cultivate. But for a small group of students who enrolled in Horticulture

Classrooms, Offices, and Labs, Oh My!

Kishwaukee College has undergone a physical transformation in the past couple of years with the addition of the visually striking Student Center. Making just as strong of an impact are the changes that have been taking place

New Gallery, New Possibilities

The opening art show in the Kishwaukee College Art Gallery this fall was titled mesh, by artist AnaKris. Her works—created from industrial mesh, wires, and paint—are interconnected. No one piece stands alone but gains meaning from the

Dress Success

When art dresses in worn-out material it is most easily recognized as art. — Friedrich Nietzsche Several years ago, Carrie Schumacher worked part-time in a library where a box of unusable books – all romance novels –

Survey Says…

Kishwaukee College has always subscribed to a continuous improvement model– plan, execute, evaluate, and improve. Being responsive to the needs and wants of the local communities, to business and industry is important, but the highest importance is

What’s a parent to do?

When a son or daughter decides to go to college, parents often find themselves in a strange new situation. They are accustomed to being informed about student grades, very involved in making school-related decisions, and quite invested

Kindle the Love of Reading

Now that the Kindles have been in use for a year, Tricia is pleased with the results. She reports, “We found that the GED preparation classes and Advanced English as a Second Language classes that had Kindles,

It’s an Honor!

Dr. Anthony Thomas teaches Philosophy at Kishwaukee College, a subject that students really do need to “wrap their head around” and think about critically, flexibly, and creatively. What Dr. Thomas found was that his classes were often

The GED Test is Changing…Again

The Adult Education and Transition Programs (AETP) division at Kishwaukee College announced that the current version of the GED test will expire at the end of 2013. The current version, known as the 2002 Series GED test,

Keeping success in Reach

Pablo Picasso once said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.”  SyLinda Menafee, Coordinator of Student Success and Retention at Kishwaukee College would probably agree. The difference between an academically successful student and a student who is

Learning Skills Center

The Learning Skills Center (LSC) offers academic support services free of charge for students at Kishwaukee College. The LSC consists of two components: Tutoring Services and Testing Services. Tutoring Services provides quality, one-on-one and group learning assistance

Samantha Johnson: Do what you want to do

Samantha Johnson is studying Criminal Justice at Kishwaukee College.  After she completes her degree at Kishwaukee College, she plans to further her education by transferring to either Northern Illinois University or Michigan State University. “Unlike high school,”

Bluebirding Happiness

First of all, I need to say that I am a birder, a novice birder, but a birder nevertheless. “Birders” for those of you who are uninitiated, are people who watch wild birds. For me, it began

Rethinking Manufacturing

Manufacturing…isn’t that where the stereotypical blue-collar worker is found? Actually, the answer to that is “no.”  Maybe that was true a quarter-century ago, but manufacturing has undergone a quiet revolution in the past 20 years or so,

3D Printing: Science Fact, Not Fiction!

  In October of 2012, Bob Lawrence brought a little piece of the future to Kishwaukee College: a 3D Printer! A 3D Printer creates an object out of drawings using anything from metal to plastic that is